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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Approximately 50,000 runners participated in at least one of the 4 Run Disney events. The Marathon alone attracted approximately 20,000 runners. The marathon weaved through all 4 parks, down service roads that connect the parks and the ESPN Wild World of Sports Complex.

Welcome to the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon. Join me for the fun!

After picking up your packet it is recommended that you try on your shirt to make sure that it fits.

Presenters at the expo included John Bingham, aka "The Penguin", Dave McGillvray,  the Race Director of the Boston Marathon, and actor Sean Astin.

Mickey and Minnie are wearing their Run Disney costumes.

The Pasta in the Park was held in Epcot, the night before the Marathon.

Sporting my marathon shirt passing Spaceship Earth on the way to the Pasta in the Park (carb loading event).

For dessert none other than a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.

Since the Disney Marathon starts at 5:30am, we had to get up around 2:30 in order to catch a 4am shuttle to Epcot.

Disney used technology, fireworks and fanfare to kick off the marathon.

As each group of runners are released fireworks are set off.

The finish line is in Epcot near Spaceship Earth.

The winners are showered with confetti as they cross the finish line.

Here I am heading towards the finish line.

Getting a high five from Donald Duck.

Welcomed to the finish line by Mickey Mouse.

I am celebrating finishing a 26.2 mile run.

Here I am with my medal immediately after the race.

What do you do after you run the Disney Marathon?
You go to Disney World!

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