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Friday, April 12, 2013

Healthy Writers Club: Advice for Older Athletes

"Age 50 is a lot tougher than 40s" - Bill Rodgers

I will turn 55 years old this year. I am researching the effects aging has on muscle and joint tissue, cardiovascular fitness and other physical parameters.

Advice for older runners to maintain speed:

1) Hill training and interval training can condition both the aerobic and the anaerobic system, which lead to dramatic fitness improvements.
2) Weight Training can maintain muscle tone, strength and maintain fast twitch muscle fibers.
3) Plyometric exercises can increase your power and strength.
4) Creatine supplementation can be helpful in improving performance during repetitive high power exercise sessions
The following nutrients are important for older athletes:

1) Vitamin C for collagen formation
2) Omega – 3 oils (from nuts, seeds, oily fish and wheat germ) for anti-inflammatory effects.
3) Sulphur – containing amino acids for joint cartilage health
4) Bioflavinoids for anti-inflammatory effects and improved local circulation
5) Antioxidants (selenium and vitamin E) protect against damaging free radicals that proliferate in the body with age.

There is growing evidence that seniors who exercise not only reduce the physical declines of age, but also protect their brains from age-related decline. Physical fitness is linked with a reduced rate of memory decline in middle age.

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What advice do you have for older Athletes?


  1. Great Info Art! At 50 I notice more aches/pains/fatigue than i did even 5 years ago. I am a fan of glutamine and digestive enzymes to speed recovery.

  2. Great info. I turn 60 soon gulp

  3. With a good fitness program you will not feel 60.

  4. You're all there Art! As a PT I have a few clients over 50 and I find that the interval and weight training, in particular, really works for them. Keep it up Art - that BQ will come!

  5. I enjoy following your blog....inspiring and that's what taking control of your health is all about! I'm putting your ideas to work; thanks Art.