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My name is Art Davis and I started running in 2007 to lose weight. Check out my before and after photos at the bottom of the page. I ran my first 5K and 10K in 2007 I went on to run my first half Marathon and full Marathon in 2008.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Benefits of A Personal Trainer

Use a Personal trainer, they are very good for the following reasons:

Motivation: One of the main reasons that people quit a training program is  lack of motivation. The personal trainer that I used was a very good motivator, one time I went off my diet and ate some Godiva Chocolate, she looked at me during the training and said "How good does that Godiva Chocolate taste now?"
  1. Individualized Program: I was training for a physical agility test and she designed a special program for me.
  2. Efficiency: The Personal Trainer developed a workout that focused on specific exercises that I needed to do.
  3. Improve Technical Skills: The Personal Trainer showed me that I was using poor technique on several exercises.
  4. If you are new to exercise: A Personal Trainer is the ultimate fitness coach. My Personal Trainer built a simple effective routine for me to build on.
  5. Break through plateaus: My Personal Trainer added exercises to my routine, that I had never even known about that made my muscles stronger, and made me more agile so that I was able to break through my plateaus.
  6. Learn how to go it alone: The ultimate goal of the Personal Trainer is to teach you how to do it on your own, so that you don't have to use a Personal Trainer.
  7. Workout Safety: My Personal Trainer showed me how to avoid injuries, in some cases my form was so bad that I was risking injury.
  8. Workout at home: The personal trainer came to my home to teach me how to use personal exercise equipment.
  9. Lose Weight: One good thing about a Personal Trainer is that they help you build a program to gain muscle and lose fat. 
Have you ever used a Personal Trainer? If so, what was your experience like?


  1. How much did your personal trainer cost? I would be interested in one, but it always seems like the costs are so high. Did you feel like you got what you paid for or more?

  2. I used a Personal Trainer in 2006 and also I was living in a rural area at that time. The Personal Trainer I used charged $25/hr and she came to my home, she would do a package of 6 sessions for $144 and a package of 12 sessions for $276. She was definitely worth it. I know the Y and the larger gyms in this area have Personal Trainers on staff that will work with you, and they offer discounts to members.
    I really like your blog, keep up the hard work and good luck.