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Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Mondays: "Margaritaville"

"If life gives you limes, make margaritas." - Jimmy Buffett

One of my favorite singers is Jimmy Buffett. Pam and I have been to two of his concerts. They are fun events, it is not unusual to see men in coconut bras and grass skirts.  Pam and I do not go quite that nuts this picture was take at the concert in Noblesville, Indiana in 2012:

This is a picture if Jimmy Buffett from the concert:

Now for an interesting bit of Jimmy Buffett trivia. The song "Margaritaville" was written for Elvis Presley. It is just hard for me to imagine the King singing Margaritaville, but that was disclosed by Jimmy Buffett in a recent interview. Here is a video of the Jimmy Buffett classic from YouTube:
What is your favorite Jimmy Buffett song?


  1. My hubby and I are parrot heads. We love jimmy...too many favorites to name

  2. Thanks for the comment Darlene,

    We have seen him twice at Noblesville, Indiana.
    We are going to try and see him someplace esle this year.

  3. no, can't see elvis singing that one. love jimmy, but not for running!