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My name is Art Davis and I started running in 2007 to lose weight. Check out my before and after photos at the bottom of the page. I ran my first 5K and 10K in 2007 I went on to run my first half Marathon and full Marathon in 2008.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Mondays: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

"When I'm on stage the savage in me is released. It's like going back to being a cave man. It takes me six hours to come down after a show" - Angus Young

This is my go to song. When I feel blah, not like getting up and running, this is the song I crank up on my iPhone. “Thunderstruck” gets my heart thumping, blood pumping and heart racing. It just seems impossible for me to sit still when “Thunderstruck” is blasting in through my headphones.
 Here is the video from YouTube:

What song get you fired up and running?


  1. Tina Turner - Simply the Best (better than all the rest)

  2. Thanks for your comment, that song is on my iPhone.