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Thursday, February 21, 2013

PlayStation 4

I am not a diehard gamer, but I do enjoy playing sports games on our Wii and my iPhone. With this in mind I had to take a look at Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 (PS4). So far Sony has not mentioned any sports games for its new gaming console the PS4. The PS4 has a blank, black touch screen in the controller. The touch screen dos not appear to be big enough to draw plays on “Madden” or select strategies on “NBA 2K”.

The controller does have a motion sensor and light bar, which combined with the stereo camera that comes with every PS4, appears that it will work like Microsoft Kinect. That could be utilized in “NASCAR”, “Tiger” and “NCAA”. There is also the share button that could be utilized in “FIFA” and “WWE”. I hope they have some interactive games for the PS4.  Ones that require you to get off of the couch and run, jump, dance, swing, etc.

Sony plans to release apps so that you will be able to access your games from your mobile device. That would be fun to be able to access all of your games while you are on the road. Sony also wants you to able message, text, tweet and access Facebook. So you can announce it to the world when you when a game.  Sony also offers the ability to link up and play with a friend in the middle of a game.


 So far we don’t know what the PS4 will cost or even look like. Do you think this could possibly put Sony back on top of the gaming world?

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