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My name is Art Davis and I started running in 2007 to lose weight. Check out my before and after photos at the bottom of the page. I ran my first 5K and 10K in 2007 I went on to run my first half Marathon and full Marathon in 2008.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carbohydrate Loading

Carbohydrate loading is generally recommended for endurance events lasting longer than 90 minutes, such as marathons. The night before a race many marathoners and triathlon participants have large pasta dinners which commonly include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta and grains. Large portions before a race can be detrimental to race-day performance because the digestive system may not have time to adequately process the food. In the 1980s research developed a modified carbo-loading regime that calls for increased carbohydrate intake (to about 70% of total calories) and decreased training for three days prior to the event. Most athletes now follow this regimen and it is recommended by many coaches.Typically I start increasing my pasta intake the week before a marathon and I sign up for the pasta dinners.  I do not eat a massive amount of pasta the night before a race and this seems to work for me.

Any other suggestions for carb-loading?

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