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Sunday, March 1, 2015

10 Mile Treadmill Run

Winter weather in southwestern Indiana convinced me to run inside yet another day.  I ran 10.12 miles in 99 minutes indoors on the treadmill today. The treadmills at our apartment complex have a feature they call "Virtual Active" that simulates running outdoors in one of two places the American Northeast or the Northern Rockies.So today I ran around the Northern Rockies. The treadmills are touchscreen so you start the process by tapping Virtual Active and then choosing your location.

You then enter your weight, time (length of workout) which today was 100 minutes, For the difficulty level I chose level 3 today because it feels slightly more challenging than running outside. MPH, I warmed up at 6 mph or 10 minute mile and finally your weight which helps the treadmill calculate your calories burned.

The run starts out in the Badlands National Park,  It gives you several minutes to warm up on nice flat ground but the treadmill never went below an incline of one.

A nice low grade to simulate running outside on flat ground.

The treadmill weaves through Custer State Park.  When the video is set on full screen you actually feel like you are curving to the right or left.

The run peaks at a grade of 5. During a run of 99 minutes you run up the grade of 5 three times.  In addition there are hills with inclines of 2.5, 3.5 and 4.

This is running up a hill at a grade of 4 in the Grand Teton National Park.

The run concludes at Yellowstone National Park. If you are running over 30 minutes it repeats and starts over at the Badlands National Park. 

When you conclude the treadmill furnishes you a nice workout summary, including the distance ran, time, average pace and calories burned.

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